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3 min readFeb 13, 2023


Nucleon is proud to announce it will be airdropping the rewards for contests that occurred prior to mainnet launch. We know the community has been patiently waiting, and a little over a week after the IDO we are set to disburse the rewards. A total of four contests will be receiving rewards. These contests are:

  • Crew3 Testnet campaign, Feb 14th
  • Nucleon’s NFT airdrop, Feb 15th
  • Crew3 Bug Bounty, Feb 16th
  • Nucleon’s portion of the 12 days of Christmas Campaign, Feb 17th

The NUT price for all the payouts will be $3.50 per NUT, the listing price for our IDO. We are excited to give our early users who weren’t able to participate in our IDO the opportunity to get involved in NUT at its initial IDO price.

The airdropped amounts will be sent directly to each user’s wallet. If you are unsure if you received your reward, please check Conflux’s Explorer.

Testnet Campaign

We would like to again thank all participants of our Testnet campaign for using the system to make sure everything would work out smoothly. We had 600+ users particpate in the campaign.

Winners can check the Google sheet for their name to verify if they are a winner.

An important note, some winners did not have a wallet tied to their Crew3 account or did not submit an ERC-20 Compatible wallet. To fix this we are opening a special quest in Crew3 to have them submit their eSpace compatible wallet address. This will window will last one month.

Check your name here 👇

To submit your wallet go to Crew3 here 👇

Original Campaign story can be found here 👇

NFT Airdrop

Our OG campaign whose participants have waited the longest. The NUT reward will be airdropped to all owners of the NFT as of February 15th. We thank you for being the most patient.

Check the original campaign here 👇

Bug Bounty Campaign

We had many participants in our Bug Bounty Campaign as well. Thank you to everyone who submitted a report. Unfortunately, many of the submissions were about the same few bugs. Particularly the blank screen issue. Many also highlighted the slow speeds. We regret the slow performance. However, the server issue was not a bug only poor service quality. Since then, we have made changes to our systems. We are confidant users will notice much better loading speed as a result.

Please check you name here 👇

Details of the original campaign can be found here 👇

12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Participants were able to answer question around the first three protocols on Conflux eSpace. We thank you for taking the time to learn about our project as well as Goledo, Swappi, and Conflux.

The original campaign can be found here 👇

About Nucleon

Nucleon is a liquid staking solution for Conflux PoS backed by industry-leading staking providers. Nucleon lets users stake their CFX without locking assets or maintaining infrastructure.

Our goal is to solve the problems associated with Conflux PoS staking — illiquidity, immovability, and accessibility — making staked CFX liquid and allowing for participation with any amount of CFX to improve the security of the Conflux network.

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